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Quick Video Summary: Treating Tear-Duct Blockage (Tear Duct Probe)

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What's a Tear Duct Probe?

A tear duct is a small tube that drains tears from the eyes. Tears are made in glands under the eyelids. They wash over the eyes to keep them moist and clean. Then, they drain though the tear ducts. When a tear duct is blocked (a blockage), the tears can't drain.

A common procedure call a tear-duct probe can open the blockage. 

The ophthalmologist gently passes a thin metal instrument (probe) through the tear duct to open the blockage. Then they flush the duct with sterile water to make sure the pathway is clear. 

  • 30-Second Summary: Tear Duct Probe

    30-Second Summary: Tear Duct Probe

    Learn the basics in 30 seconds.

Date reviewed: January 2022